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ROOT Builder aids building ROOT on windows. It's install brings with it all the tools required to do the build.

Building ROOT

The steps are pretty simple to build root.
  1. Download and install ROOT Builder
  2. Using SVN, download the ROOT sources to a your local machine. Where ever you download it to, make sure you don't have any spaces in the path!!
  3. Download any extra libraries to complete the build (GSL, python, etc.). Make sure you need them before spending the effort - getting the conguration correct can be tricky and frustrating.
  4. Start ROOT Builder, and fill it out as you might expect: build.png
  5. Change the options as you might desire, and hit "generate project". Depending on your system it will take a few minutes to complete. You can also add options to the configure step of the ROOT build.
  6. A project file will be generated in the ROOT directory, and a few command line and setup files, etc. If you have "Start the MSVC IDE" the IDE will automatically start up. You can just hit build. The first time you do this you will have to save the solution file - just do it where it asks. And wait.
  7. You can hit the debugger as well - it should start up as you expect.

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